Day: July 4, 2020


Paper² is a branding agency that outsources its clients to designers. A modern logo coupled with branding that makes a mark in the oversatured made.

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This is an online advertisement, like a digital flyer, to show off some of RackCrate’s features. The illustration takes on a whimsical style to appeal to the target demographic of 14-25-year-olds who are interested in owning Minecraft servers. I stuck to a color palette provided by another designer who goes by the name of Gigantic, the palette really helped drive home the artwork.

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This poster was going to be part of a series on power efficiency. I decided to stop after the solar panel. The battery was going to represent the different levels of power that is generated compared to other methods.

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Abstract Times

 I call the artwork, “Abstract Times.” “Abstract Times” was conceptualized on paper and then created in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted the piece to serve harmonious as one with all 4 seasons, Summer(top left), Autumn(top right), Spring(bottom left), Winter(bottom right), but also stand out separately. I achieved this by allowing common themes throughout all 4 pieces such as limited color palettes, a recurring item(ball), and flowing motion that takes on different roles in each season. The flowing motion is quintessential as it emphasizes how seasons change from one to the next in an elegant graceful way. “Abstract Times” was inspired by the arbitrary feeling of being unmotivated, I wanted to put lines on paper and then follow the flow of the design. An epiphany struck me and starting with summer then seasons began.

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Neutron Star

This art piece was inspired by the book, “The Universe in the Rearview Mirror.” I wanted to bring in my scientific love in combination with art. I achieved this by using the neutron star in the background and a singular planet in the forefront. A sense of loneliness and power evokes from within. The bright colors used conservatively on the dark background help achieve this goal.

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Twilight Tranquility

Twilight Tranquility depicts the calmness in the night. The human in the boat, alone, relaxes in the water with a sky full of stars above. The silhouette of the boat allows for us, not, to focus on the identity of the character but rather the emotion being conveyed as once more detail is present labels are put on him which clouds judgment and brings unnecessary thoughts into the piece distracting from the main message which is serenity.

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