Day: July 9, 2020

The Design Process of Commercial Circuit Design

Commercial circuit design utilizes electrical engineering. Circuit designers are constantly working to improve the speed and efficiency of circuits while also keeping cost of production down as much as possible. Circuit designers work across many different manufacturing fields. Nearly everything has a circuit in modern electronics; computers, microwaves, phones, refrigerators, televisions, headphones, even cars. Circuits are responsible for directing power; as a result, circuits are vital to the functionality of what they are a part of. Without circuits, appliances and other electronics would likely not be as complex as they are today.

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This photo is an angled shot of my current sticker collection. Its chaotic but oredly nature leaves the eyes wandering as each section has something new to see.

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Lune.GG was a commissioned logo. The task was create a logo that could entice a family friendly demographic of about 15-25 year olds who play minecraft. After much discussion the client and I chose to pursue a illustrative logo while still retaining a logo silhouette. From the experience I was able to grow my illustration skills.

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