Initial Set-Up

After many days of looking for a local source of Aiptasia, we were finally able to locate a store to find some. We went to White Corals Vertriebs GmbH which is perfect as the location is only 20 minutes from my house. They were going to throughout the Aiptasia as it is a pest and looking at the samples there already are quite a few polyps on the various rocks amongst other organisms.

The current tank for the aiptasia is temporary until we are able to head back into school. I have a LED cool light above. I have not taken any measurements to ensure the livelihood of the aiptasia sadly.

The workers gave us the whole rock that the aiptasia was on and therefore other organisms were accompanied. After spending about an hour watching and observing there is already a pretty fierce dynamic between 3 organisms in my opinion. A video below is showing such a dynamic, please excuse any language as I did not plan to include this but is too interesting to not include.

I was excited to capture this organism as previously it was hidden in the coral and I had no idea what this could be. This is the introductory video showing the pink organism on the move. As can be seen the black-spotted organism seems to either not be interested or help the pink organism as it later traverses over it.

This video (again please excuse the language I was quite excited and did not think I was going to upload it here) shows the continuing fight between the two organisms. In the end, I assumed the pink organism died. I was incorrect and it proceeded to retreat to under the rock where I have yet to see it again. However, I have seen another pink organism on the other side of the tank in the same hole as the spider-like spotted black organism.

Another note on the pink organism. It has the ability to retract to what seems like to 10% of its outstretched length. When I walk over to the table and possibly move it the pink organisms immediately contract. The black spotted organisms are able to move and traverse but stay mostly sedentary.

Here are some photos from the the tank of the various organisms I have seen and just general close-ups.

My next steps are to find some brine shrimp to feed the tank, set up the tank at school, and finish my annotated bibliography. Now that I am for sure we can use aiptasia I will have a more targeted set of papers to review. I will take a substantial amount of my papers through a research lab called Guse Lab as they are located in Heidelberg which could be helpful for taking trips and having discussions and knowing their research helps speed along the conversation. I plan to upload my annotated bibliographies here alongside my mark-ups of the papers.

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