“One By One” Dev Log

“One By One” is a middle-high school math game. Utilizing the pokemon leveling mechanics, students can increase their math difficulty by answering problems. Problems escalate in difficulty every 10 levels. With the money, students can buy different math domains up to Calculus. There are also plans for more uses for the money like compound interest and cosmetic issues. The goal is the make an upper education math game approachable and enjoyable.

One By One is now out for beta testing.

March 8th – Betas

After about 3 months of waiting and talking to Apple support, I am finally able to send out betas through TestFlight and publish them to the AppStore.

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This is a screenshot from my game, "One By One" in which a multiplication algebra problem was generated.

Feb 12th – Multiplication Algebra

Today’s mission was to finish the multiplication part of the algebra stage. What took me 2 hours probably could have taken 30 minutes, but that’s what hindsight is for. All of my coding was streamed on Twitch to try out something new.

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This is showing off the new UI layout for the algebra questions.

Feb 5th – Starting Algebra

Today was a pretty laid back work day. I just wanted to make some more progress and lay the foundation to start putting in the problem generation for the algebra stage. I also had to do some recoding to future-proof my progress bar and level display.

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The Scene Buy Prompt for "One by One."

Feb 4th – Unlock Scenes

After a while of not doing anything to my code, I have finally coded the locking and unlocking of scenes which I can use to element the other scenes. After which my next steps are to work on the Algebra scene.

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