Hivemind Fan-Edition

Hivemind? What’s that?

Thumbnail from a Hivemind episode.

Hivemind is a game show created by Ludwig Ahgren and Charlie AKA Moistcr1tikal. There are typically four contestants who try to answer questions in family feud style where the live chat can submit their answers to the questions on the screen. This means that if a question was, “Who is the richest person?” Spongebob could be a valid answer if everyone in the audience says Spongebob.

Here is a clip to understand the game a little more. (Charlie is on the right and Ludwig is on the right)

Why Did I Remake Hivemind?

Due to COVID-19 my school’s atmosphere has been quite dull and lacking energy. As a result, Mu Alpha Theta or Math Honor Society wanted to hold a math tournament. After discussion, we decided to host a more universal event, a game show. Inspired by watching Ludwig’s gameshow recently I decided to recreate Hivemind to make the event go smoothly. Hopefully, we will be able to have enough students participate spark some life back into the study body.

Ideally, we will send out a survey of questions for students to fill out. After processing the data I alongside some colleagues will then select the best questions to use for the event. We will probably have 2 teams of teachers and 2 teams of teachers and/or 4 teams of students (each team a different grade level) to then compete in a streamed or locally hosted event.

How Does My Version Work?

This is the home screen of my version of Hivemind.

Loading the Game

Once the game is loaded you can input 4 teams by typing in a name about ten characters long. Then to populate the database you submit a link to a csv file. How this particularly works is quite interesting. Using a Google spreadsheet we can upload data so it looks like the image below.

A screenshot of the google sheet containing the question data

From here I set up a redirect from one of my sub-domains (ex. The game then downloads the .csv file and loads it into the Hivemind. then you


A preview of the question screen.

Once Go! is pressed we are taken to this screen where a timer for 60 seconds begins. This is the period where the teams can deliberate and figure out what the best answer would be. This is also the time that a live-audience would input their answers but since I don’t know how to do this yet I just have a survey filled out prior. Once the 60 seconds are over Team 1 can give an answer.

An example of teams getting points and showing the unanswered questions. I have filler answers so that’s why it’s A-F.

The above demonstrates what would happen if Team 1 and Team 2 received points and then we were to display all the incorrect answers. There are three rounds the points are double and then tripled.

Who Wins?

Once all the questions have been answered this is the final leaderboard.
Here is the gameplay if you are interested!
And if you are curious this was the rough draft version 🙂 Fun to see the development.


*Disclaimer it might say a virus, this is because I have not certified the program but it is straight out of Unity. But download at your own caution.*



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