One By One is now out for beta testing.

March 8th – Betas


After about 3 months of waiting and talking to Apple support, I am finally able to send out betas through TestFlight and publish them to the AppStore. I have already had a couple of colleagues check out the app and see some errors (mostly screen resolution issues.)

If you would also like to try out the beta here is the link:

I have also made a little headway in the Algebra scene, I am now working on the division problems, it is still in development but here are the idea list of problems to solve.

1.) a/x=b
2.) x/a=b
3.) x/a/b=c
4.) (x/a)/b=c
5.) a/x/b=c
6.) (a/x)/b=c
7.) a/b/x=c
8.) (a/b)/x=c

I know this update isn’t much but the beta was a huge leap forward to start spreading the app around.

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