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One By One

A quick and satisfying math game for middle school and high school students featuring arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and derivatives. Put some earbuds on and solv

Leveling & Problems

Random Problems

Problems are randomly generated based on certain parameters. Every 10 levels you unlock a new set of problems that get added to the generation list!

A calculus derivative problem with e^u has generated

Interested in reading the process?

Dev Log.

One By One is now out for beta testing.

March 8th – Betas

After about 3 months of waiting and talking to Apple support, I am finally able to send out betas through TestFlight and publish them to the AppStore.

This is a screenshot from my game, "One By One" in which a multiplication algebra problem was generated.

Feb 12th – Multiplication Algebra

Today’s mission was to finish the multiplication part of the algebra stage. What took me 2 hours probably could have taken 30 minutes, but that’s what hindsight is for. All of my coding was streamed on Twitch to try out something new.

Algebra Subtraction Example; x+5-7=0

Feb 10th – Algebra Subtraction

Today I went through and optimized my code while also implementing the algebra-based subtraction problems for “One by One.”

This is showing off the new UI layout for the algebra questions.

Feb 5th – Starting Algebra

Today was a pretty laid back work day. I just wanted to make some more progress and lay the foundation to start putting in the problem generation for the algebra stage. I also had to do some recoding to future-proof my progress bar and level display.

The Scene Buy Prompt for "One by One."

Feb 4th – Unlock Scenes

After a while of not doing anything to my code, I have finally coded the locking and unlocking of scenes which I can use to element the other scenes. After which my next steps are to work on the Algebra scene.