Paper² is a branding agency that outsources its clients to designers. A modern logo coupled with branding that makes a mark in the oversatured made.

The Brief


Paper Squared wants their company to feel reliable, bold, dynamic, smooth, and modern. With these words and ideas a mind map was written to find the essence of Paper Squared.


16-25 year olds who are starting up businesses in the United Kingdom.


No timeline was given; however, project took around 2 weeks.

The Creation

While traveling the iPad Pro was used all throughout the process to write down ideas whenever they came up. Procreate was used for more organic shapes while Affinity Designer was used to create more geometric and vector based designs. Once traveling was finished the final logo and rest of branding was created through Adobe Illustrator.

Why This Logo?

The logo maintains a balance of being an identifier for Paper Squared and holding symbolism. Since being easily identified in an over saturated market is important, a bold simple design was further pursued so it would be remembered. The blue color is utilized to calm skeptical clients. The shade of blue derives from the notebook lines on paper. A4 was the ratio for the rectangle due to the demographic being from the UK.

Design Guidelines

Blue, red, white, and black all derive from a notebook sheet of paper. Blue and red are the guidelines on notebooks and the black is an offset black to mimic the graphite from a piece of pencil.
Inter was chosen for the main typography due to its optimization for computer screens. Arial allows for the font to remain similar and connected to the brand but be used when Inter isn’t available.

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