This is an online advertisement, like a digital flyer, to show off some of RackCrate's features. The illustration takes on a whimsical style to appeal to the target demographic of 14-25-year-olds who are interested in owning Minecraft servers. I stuck to a color palette provided by another designer who goes by the name of Gigantic, the palette really helped drive home the artwork.

The Brief


Create an advertisement, web flyer that represents some core elements our website.


We are planning on marketing to 12-25 year-olds who are interested in hosting more specifically Minecraft servers.


 We are expecting the complete project in two weeks.

My Thoughts


Whenever starting a project you need to consider what program will be most efficient. I chose Adobe Illustrator for this project as I wanted to work with shapes quiet often and did not want to be limited by pixel size of the canvas when detailing. 


The style I chose looks phenomenal when assisted with details. Details include such things as shading, adding random blob, and have random but relevant features like in the space station that could be real.

The Process

Before I started this project I wanted to come at it with a new approach that I think proved very effective. It took time to try and personify the features on RackCrate’s website. Once I was able to do this I created very rough digital sketches just blocking out where main features would go. I then went through an iterative design process of adding detail to each element that I had the rough shape of.

Final Result

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