Research Portfolio

All of my past research from both AP Seminar and AP Research is found here. I have previously written about, in a literature review format, happiness, healthcare, art therapy, and electric vehicles. Currently, I am conducting research on Aiptasia.

Initial Set-Up

After multiple days and weeks we have finally obtain aiptasia and after inspecting the rocks there seems to more than just aiptasia.

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The Design Process of Commercial Circuit Design

Commercial circuit design utilizes electrical engineering. Circuit designers are constantly working to improve the speed and efficiency of circuits while also keeping cost of production down as much as possible. Circuit designers work across many different manufacturing fields. Nearly everything has a circuit in modern electronics; computers, microwaves, phones, refrigerators, televisions, headphones, even cars. Circuits are responsible for directing power; as a result, circuits are vital to the functionality of what they are a part of. Without circuits, appliances and other electronics would likely not be as complex as they are today.

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Rocket Design, CO2 Capture, and Carbon Fuels

Rocket design, Carbon Dioxide Capture, and the creation of carbon fuels involves: mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and aerospace engineering. Rocket designers have the difficult task of designing and making sure that their rocket works and is safe. The science of rocket design is incredibly precise as just the smallest error could account in hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment destroyed. Chemical engineers work to create new substances in the pharmaceutical industry, the energy industry, and the food industry. Chemical engineers use various methods involving many different chemistry laws to manufacture substances that provide more energy, cure illnesses with better success, or even taste better.

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The Design Process of Structures Including Simulation Models

Structures are a synthesis between the ability of civil engineering and the art of an architect. While building, civil engineers and architects have recently been using an increased number of simulations. Civil engineers use simulations to model and test how the structure would perform in different situations—weather, load, geological. By modeling a structure and using simulations to test it, engineers can better identify any possible errors with a structure without having to spend large amounts of money or lose lives.

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UAVs and UGVs sending signals containing data from sensors between each other.

Are Robots Effective Tools for Disaster Relief?

Robotics is an interdisciplinary research field that combines computer science and engineering together. It involves constructions, designs, and multiple technologies. The goal of robotics is to design machines that can assist people in everyday life and even perform a variety of tasks humans are not able to do. With the rapid development of technology, robots are set to perform a more and more significant role in human society for their influence in many aspects of life, especially the application use of disaster relief robots discussed in this paper. These disaster relief robots performed an important role in the rescue relief programs such as Hurricane Katrina and COVID-19 using unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles.

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