The Uprising

This movement wasn’t made to make profit(I’m going negative to subsidize the price) but more so a fun but serious attempt to bring awareness that dudes get boners and more than not it’s random and not controllable. This puts them in an uncomfortable position and makes concentrating fairly difficult. To prevent hassle, men might will stray from certain clothes like joggers to help prevent such an occurrence. Experts still are not 100% sure as to why the penis becomes erect(when not provoke sexually) So the next time you see a boner in public just know it’s something they wish wasn’t happening but is and is part of life.

The First Steps

Like all great designs it started off on paper. After discussion with peers around me I got to work and drafted initial sticker and magnet designs to start subtly spreading awareness. I chose for some of the designs to be visual puns such as “Morning Wood.”

Left: Sketchbook previewing the initial designs. Right: 2 early designs "Smile boy" & "Morning Wood"
The left image displays my sketches and the right side displays the final digitized versions
Close up of Smile Boy and Morning Wood on Phone
A close of shot of the Smile boy and Morning wood stickers on a phone case.

Round 2

After enough support was gathered we were able to begin going into the main phase of production. At this stage we focus on creating the ultimate package for an affordable price. The biggest challenge was creating an effective cohesive feeling brand in which all the products felt like fit together. We remedied this by first creating a fairly similar palette that was used across all the products. Next is we focus on the imagery to be simple and bold so they felt connected.

Blue Balls Sticker
Candle Holographic Sticker
Pitching a Tent Magnet

Blue Balls

Blue balls is meant to be a visual pun on the phrase. The design is meant to give off a cool dude vibe to promote a laugh, these were printed as stickers.

A distant shot of the Blue Balls Sticker
A close up of Blue Balls Sticker

Holographic Candles

We were searching for ideas to use a holographic sticker for. One of our colleagues had a list of ideas and when we saw candle it made perfect sense. Candles come in all different colours and flavours and as a result depending on the angle you look at the candle it changes “scent.”

A Single Holographic Candle
Holographic Candle stickers photographed at an angle

Pitching A Tent

We needed a second a new magnet design that could be implemented into the package. For this reason we chose to use the phrase, “Pitching a Tent,” as it perfectly tied into the last magnet while still maintaining a unique graphic. We kept similar color scheme, border shape, and subject matter which was nature.

The Logo

For The Uprising’s logo we wanted to create an more abstract than concrete logo to make it wearable in public without seeming offensive. As a result we took a game from our childhood and turned the boy symbol into our logo. With some adjustments it became a simple logo that could scale and be used anywhere.

The Uprising

Acrylic Charm

For the final piece of extra merchandise in the package we wanted include something that was purely focused on The Uprising. We chose to create an acrylic charm with the logo as it did not scream for attention and was a unique product that the client would receive.

A backpack displaying the acrylic charm featuring the logo

The Shirt

The T-shirt was the initial driving force for The Uprising. Therefore we put the most attention in the quality and detail. Amongst a wide array of T-shirt materials we chose Bella Canvas for its reputation of high quality and durability. We needed durability as our logo was going to be embroidery in the chest and a woven label attached to the bottom of the shirt. Photography done by Gretchen Albers

The Final Package

With all the items combine the supporters hand receive the package which contains; 1 t-shirt, 1 acrylic charm, 1 letter, 2 Blue Balls stickers, 2 Holographic Candle Stickers, and 2 Pitching a Tent Magnets.

3 Months

After 3 months of hard work and dedication we have finally reached a point in which The Uprising is official. We never thought a simple thought of a male social movement would come so far. After releasing this first drop we were shocked at the support that followed and prompted the thought of potentially a second edition with all new designs.

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